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Spring 2021 RidgeRunner

Spring 2021 Electronic Copy of RidgeRunner

Log your Fire Prevention Hours Wildland Fire Mitigation Program This form is designed to document and track mitigation work performed for the Weber Fire District Community Wildfire Protection. If you do ANY work on your lot to prevent fire, please log your community hours here. We will get use of a Wood Chipper later this summer for logging our hours. Plan For Question Or Concerns Please Contact The Weber Fire District 801-782-3580 ext. 206 or visit

New 2021 Ferrell Gas Contract

June 10th, 2021 For over 80 years, Ferrellgas has demonstrated a commitment to providing uninterrupted propane service to our customers. We are committed to making sure your residents stay warm and happy! Our dedicated staff of trained professionals knows what it takes to safely meet your requests at the highest level of service. Here is what we would like to offer to service your propane needs: We will do on-site fills for Customer Owned Equipment or leased equipment for any Sunridge resident. Propane Pricing – Pick one option o Cost- Plus- Your price will be set at a margin of $0.80 per gallon over our Daily Cost. Your price would fluctuate with the market as the wholesale cost for propane rises and falls. If you were to get a delivery today, 06/10/2021 your price would be $1.80 per gallon.  Military members will receive a further 10% discount. o Fixed Price- Ferrellgas could offer a fixed price upon receipt of historical consumption data from each resident. Tank Lease Fees – Ferrellgas can lease any size tank, up to 1000 gallon, for $1 per month. Tank Swap-out- Ferrellgas will swap out any competitors tank at no charge. Tank Install- Ferrellgas will charge $199 for any new above ground tank installs. o Includes first stage regulator, 10 feet of ½ poly line, and labor. Employee Owners - At Ferrellgas we are all employee owners ensuring you will get the highest level of service in the industry. Digital delivery tickets – Easy to read delivery tickets printed at time of delivery with copies mailed with your monthly invoices ensures accuracy and ease in billing. Our handheld technology allows us to easily track your gallons. Services – Ferrellgas offers 24-hour per day, seven-day-a-week emergency service for your propane needs. We have a team of six drivers, two customer service specialists, three managers, two service technicians and myself to ensure superior service to our competitors. Our office is less than an hour away from the Sunridge gate. We provide a “keep-full” service and upon credit approval, can maintain your propane level for you. Thank you for the opportunity to show what Ferrellgas has to offer. If you have any questions regarding the content of this proposal, please let me know. Earle Lindell Account Manager Ferrellgas 801-544-2624- Office 95 Union Ave North Salt Lake City, UT 84054

Key Exchange

If you are still needing to exchange your keys please contact the board member associated with your lot # below Lots H-01 through H-91 Brent Frost 801-540-0661 Lots H-92 through H-183 Carl Frazier 801-791-7905 Lots H-184 through H-278 Steph Taylor 801-510-2370 SR-1 through SR-89 Dick Sowers 801-791-2958

Spring 2020 RidgeRunner

Spring 2020 RidgeRunner

Cell and Satellite Rep

Please see the following announcement

Spring 2019 RidgeRunner

Here is the corrected electronic version of the Spring 2019 RidgeRunner

No Trespassing

Our Neighbors to the South of the Sunridges second gate have been observing and talking to some of our members that are trespassing on their properties. They have asked us to please talk to our members about this problem. All of the property between the 1st and 2nd gate is private as well as all the land south of Browns hole. If you have any questions contact one of our board members. Future violations could result in a trespassing ticket with a fine. Please help with this problem.


There will not be any hunting cards sent out this year. The hunting rules are the same as in the past. Hoping all hunters will abide by the rules and police themselves(Hunting Rules) and hunting area map (Map) are on the website.There will not be any hunting cards sent out this year. The hunting rules are the same as in the past. Hoping all hunters will abide by the rules and police themselves (Hunting Rules) and hunting area map (Map) are on the website.