ATV type Vehicles Identification Rules

The ability to identify all riders has already been a real tool in helping us provide accountability, and reduce the number of non-Sunridge riders that had managed to get in from adjoining areas.

ALL ATV TYPE VEHICLES MUST HAVE PLATES! We will deny access to anyone that does not have properly identification plates (whether on a transport trailer, or in use). If you plan to have a guest in for a tour of Sunridge for an hour, or for a week end visit….even visitor ATV’s types vehicles must be tagged. If the security guard is not there to remind you, you are not permitted to by-pass this security rule. We have done all we can to resist having to fine offending non-compliant riders, but we will not allow any exceptions. If you have any questions to ask…do so. But please be a part of the solution here with all your neighbors…not a part of the problem. We’ve gone through a lot of effort to make these available………please help us all out, and use them…..or ride elsewhere. Thank you.

Any questions please call a member of the board. Tags can be ordered from Bruce Johnson.

Any questions please call a member of the board.