Hunting Restrictions: Jan, 2016

  • Maximum of 4 hunters per lot (Lot owner plus 3).
  • If you need more than 4 petition the board.
  • All lot owners are responsible for guests.
  • Guests are required to carry hunter's card signed by lot owner.
  • Limited to approved short range weapons. (Shotguns, Archery, Muzzle loader)
  • No center fire weapons.
  • Map -- to define areas open to hunting.
  • No shooting from or over any road.
  • No trespassing on private lots, to hunt or access hunting area.
  • Try to obtain permission to retrieve your game if needed.
  • No shooting within 600 feet of a structure.
  • Moose hunting restricted to registered lot owners only.
  • If a family member draws a State permit, petition the board.
  • 6.08 in Covenants states Shooting and Hunting.
  • Shooting of firearms or hunting is not allowed on or near Sunridge private lot areas.
  • For Hunting Season Dates and State Regulations go to Dept. of Wildlife Resources.
  • Remember all state and federal regulations apply.
  • Any questions please call a member of the board.